Christopher House.


I am a Front-End Software Developer located in Los Angeles, CA. I enjoy building applications and programs with unique and dynamic user experiences.

I consider myself to be a well-organized individual that pays close attention to detail. I truly enjoy building unique front-end experiences with like-minded individuals, and I look forward to becoming part of a team filled with positive people that share the same vision as I

Front End Development

HTML | CSS | JavaScript(ES6)

Front-end development is my creative passion, where I transform designs into user-friendly digital experiences. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as frameworks and libraries such as Bootstrap, React, Vue, Angular, and jQuery, I craft visually appealing and responsive websites that work seamlessly across browsers and devices. My focus is on enhancing user interaction and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Back End Development

Node.js | Laravel | Next.js

Back-end development is where I build the engine that powers websites and applications. Working with server-side languages using Node.js and Next.js, I create the logic and databases that ensure data is processed securely and efficiently to ensure seamless functionality and manage server operations for a reliable digital experience.

Database Management


Database Management is my expertise in organizing, optimizing, and securing data. Proficient in SQL and NoSQL databases, I design and manage data structures to ensure efficient storage and retrieval. My role is to guarantee data integrity, scalability, and accessibility, empowering applications to thrive on reliable information

UI/UX Design

Adobe XD | Figma | Sketch

UI/UX Design is where my visions usually begin, where I craft user-centered digital experiences. With an eye for aesthetics and user psychology, I bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality. My goal is to create visually stunning and intuitive interfaces that enhance user satisfaction and engagement.